Tuesday, 22 March 2011

done :)

all done! it was alot of work but it was worth it. i'm happy with the result :D


Saturday, 19 March 2011

current project.

hey guyyys.

sooo, i've been working on a big A2 drawing of lil wayne for my cousin's boyfriend and i figured seeing as i never upload my drawings anymore cos they're always for other people and i just forget, i thought i'd show you what i got so far.

click to enlarge!


it's hard work! i can't do it on my desk cos my desk is tiny, so i have to do it either on my bedroom floor or downstairs on the kitchen table. but it's fun! and the paper is pastel paper or something so the texture's really nice. but man i suck at drawing tattoos. his chest still isn't completed shaded and i haven't even mapped out the tattoo's on his arms properly yet. that's the hardest part. better get toooo ittt. i'm going shopping with laura on friday so i need to get it done before then so i have some money to spend ;)

have a good night.
lauren x



so i've managed to throw myself into the world of online blogging :| so far it's scary! i've been encouraged by alot of people to start a blog for my artwork soo.. i hope you somewhat enjoy it.

bare in mind, this will focus mainly around my art, howeverrrrr, i may throw a few shouts in about what's going on in the life of lauren every now and then. so stay tuned mofos.

if you support me and my work, please pleeeease spread this blog. i've started to become recognised recently, it's slow but it's a start. my friend franny c featured me on her blog a while ago which really made me happy. i know she will support me so please if you have the time, favourite this page and check back every now and then? it would be awesome ♥ thank you! x

use the tabs at the top of the page to switch between pages and view my artwork.

lauren x